The self-titled EP from melodic punk outfit, Pop Warner, weaves catchy songs together into a high energy celebration of friendship. This is the Utah based band’s debut recording, and it introduces them to the world with five songs full of hooks that will leave new fans hungry for more. The first two tracks feature the kind of vocal harmonies that make listeners want to throw back their heads and sing along to their heart’s content. Then Wallace ties the front and back halves of the EP together with a slowed down emotional interlude. The energy picks back up with “Mockingbird,” a song filled with melodies and guitar licks not unlike that of Iron Chic.

Lastly, the EP closes with “November Air,” which begins at a slower pace than the rest of the album but picks up mid-song for an emotional and passionate finish. These songs were written to be performed in basements or small all-ages clubs with a few dozen sweaty kids shouting the lyrics back at the band as loud as their lungs will allow. It is the perfect collection of songs to kickoff a road trip with a group of close friends. And it is the perfect pick-me-up album after a tough day, as the EP wraps up with the reassuring words, “we’re gonna be okay.”

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John Silva is a writer based out of Minneapolis. You can follow him on Twitter @hawkeyesilva.

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