Thirty-three years ago, Possessed released two full-length records, Seven Churches and Beyond the Gates. Their final release was the Eyes of Horror EP produced by guitar legend Joe Satriani.

Soon after, guitarist Larry Lalonde left the band to join Blind Illusion, where he met Les Claypool and eventually formed Primus. Without any kind of pomp and circumstance, Possessed was done. Three years later, singer Jeff Becerra’s life changed forever after he was shot and subsequently paralyzed during a robbery. That kind of thing would’ve crushed the average man, but average is something Becerra has never been.  He is Iron Man.

He’s the guy who created the genre of death metal, earned his bachelor degree in Labor studies, got clean and sober, married with kids, and did the impossible: he reassembled and reignited the beast itself, Possessed, in 2007.  Thrity-three years later, Becerra and a brand new Possessed lineup are ready to drop album number three, Revelations of Oblivion, via Nuclear Blast records, and trust me, this thing is a monster; it’s epic.  Jeff Becerra, Iron Man?  Try, Superman…

Revelations of Oblivion should’ve been the record Possessed released in 1986; that’s what it sounds like. The music is old-school thrash that isn’t afraid to kick your ass and draw some blood, and you know why? Because this is Possessed; this is their genre; they pioneered it. Not one song on this record is filler. You want thrash? You got it. You want mayhem and destruction? This is your record.

Joining Becerra this time around is Dan Gonzalez  on guitar (Nailshitter, Grusome); Claudeous Creamer on guitar (Dragonlord, Serpent Girth); Rob Cardenas on bass (Coffin Texts, Masters of Metal, Agent Steel, Malice, and Engrave) and Emilio Marquez on drums (Brainstorm, Sadistic Intent, Engrave, Brujeria).

Becerra and Gonzalez not only wrote the majority of the record, they produced it as well. Revelations of Oblivion deals with the darker side of humanity and religion as well as addressing true evil disguised as good. The music and lyrics are bleak, grim, and unflinching. Standout songs include “No More Room In Hell,” “Graven,” “The Word,” and “Shadowcult.”

It’s good to see and hear Becerra back in action making original music again. To see him succeeding personally and professionally is a great thing indeed. Revelations of Oblivion is pure steel and razor sharp to boot; it’s the ultimate soundtrack to pure annihilation. The musicians on this record have immense chemistry and sound tighter than ever. Patch this on your battle vest; Possessed is back. They look great; they sound stellar, and they’re ready for world domination. Don’t be a poser; buy or die…

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