SITUATION NORMAL ALL FUCKED UP, better known as SNAFU is Potty Mouth’s sophomore album that was released on March 1, 2019, through Get Better Records. SNAFU is the trio’s rallying cry to the world of how to embrace the twisted, chaotic, and better yet, “fucked up” society that we live in, with unrealistic standards. Potty Mouth’s approach has always been about creativity and crafting music that’s not with the traditional norms in today’s society, which is why SNAFU arrives six years later, a continuation from their debut album, Hell Bent, released in 2013.

SNAFU is a carefree, feel-good, mid-2000s teenage spirit but with a splash of badass girl-riot attitude. It’s nostalgic, 90s grunge-meets-pop-rock. If we were to go back in time, Potty Mouth is a mix of The Breeders and L7. The trio perfectly embodies the two eras of the genres that are crafted effortlessly in SNAFU

With thunderous riffs and head-nodding choruses, SNAFU starts strong with its first track, “Do It Again.” From start to finish, “22” is a high-energy song that shares the lament of growing older.  Who wants to hang around a liar? Certainly not the trio. Potty Mouth hits hard with “Liar.” Casually making a “Smash Hit” with a whirlwind of confetti stars, FANTASTIC! 

Despite the ever-changing scene, Potty Mouth continue to stay true to themselves. SNAFU is empowering and badass, so let your hair down and rock out.  

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