Protest The Hero
Pacific Myth
(Razor & Tie)

Canadian prog metal outfit Protest The Hero often get lumped into some vague mathcore/metal subgenre alongside groups like Coheed & Cambria and Alexisonfire, but as this latest release shows even a compilation CD by the band is worth celebrating.

Pacific Myth features a half dozen songs from the group’s exclusive membership series that was once only available to fans via the band’s Bandcamp page as a subscription. Dripped out at a rate of one song each month, all are finally available here in physical form for the first time.

Every track is in keeping with the band’s penchant for odd time signatures, blistering guitars and vocals that would match just about any of the bands from the 1980s New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. While there’s hardly a bad moment on this record, “Cold Water,” with its brilliant drumming and stellar riffs and the equally impressive “Cataract” are clear standouts.

Pacific Myth is available on CD and 180-gram purple swirl vinyl.

Purchase the album here.


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