Psychedelic Witchcraft
Magick Rites and Spells
(Soulseller Records)

The haze of perpetual individuality lives warm and smooth in the groove of Italy’s Psychedelic Witchcraft. The substance that manifests that solitary feeling in your inebriated soul, is the inner core of this throwback blues, psychedelic, and progressive quartet. If you ever blazed hard while tripping out to Sabbath, Cream, Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane, chances are Psychedelic Witchcraft’s new record Magick Rites and Spells will gloss and conjoin that once and eternal mindscape. It may bring nightmarish and rubbery flashbacks, but the music is so solid and nimbly that you’ll be dreaming a natural light saber—happy and amiable.

Things are uniform, mellow and pretty airy in the early going. The band is in no rush to waste you, taking their time to let the trip breathe and coalesce. They start to open their third eye on “Wicked Dream”—getting all moist and original—culling inner forms and inspired notions. “The Dark Lord” is heavy without having to blast you with machine gun distortion—an arty and tasteful achievement. The band throws in obscure and direct samples in between songs to expand space, giving the whole album a nice free-punk and high-art dimension.

“Angela” showcases the depth and strength of the band. Whatever musical form Psychedelic Witchcraft chooses to rock, their true craft is songwriting, and “Angela” has an intensity and life to it that is remarkable. It glides and dreams, hitching a ride on that eternal highway of inspired autonomy. The band knows precisely where their inner-realm lies. They dig themselves a moat of acid fluid, lush sirens and occult spells, holding in their pockets all the right cards. This stuff is Easy Rider and the freeness of youth, completely ascending and captivating. Magick Rites and Spells drifts into your inner space like a vision of soft clouds, taking shape and drilling arty rocks of abundant substance. It’s such a cool record that you’ll be wearing shades and taking walks all week long, just grooving on the thing.

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