Desire’s Magic Theatre
(Spinefarm Records)

Purson burst onto the scene three years ago with their debut, The Circle And The Blue Door, where they garnered much deserved accolades from the press and fans alike. Here was a band that split the difference between psych, prog and hard rock, and did it with style. In addition, it helped that the songs had a very distinct pop sensibility which made them all the more memorable. Also, it helped that Rosalie Cunnigham, the creative force behind the band, has a very expressive voice, which draws you right in.

Well, for their second album, Purson gets a little more whimsical. While still very dark in some places, it also has a more fun and playful feeling to it. In fact, they’ve added some slinky glam rock grooves to their heady mix and also upped the prog a bit, too. There are also orchestral type flourishes on several of the songs.

It works wonderfully in pushing their sound into new directions.

“Electric Landlady” is an ultra-catchy, fuzzed-out, psych-pop number that you will be humming after the first listen. “The Window Cleaner” alternates between hazy verses and a fuzzed out chorus. “I Know” is a somber acoustic-tinged ballad. “The Sky Parade” is a lush bit of prog, that manages to be both catchy and epic. Closer “The Bitter Suite” ends the album on eight minutes of prog rock bliss.

Purson have avoided the dreaded sophomore slump with this album. Desire’s Magic Theatre is a heady and lush slice of rock, that should win over new fans, and keep the faithful satisfied. In fact, its quirkiness is part of its charm.

Give it a chance, it will win you over. (Thomas Pizzola)

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