You get a familiar and yet unique feeling while listening through the new EP from Pushing Daisies, Take Me Back To The Light. The band’s music feels somewhat like a cathartic release from the issues that plague our lives on a daily basis. While dealing with emotionally heavy topics, the band maintains a substantive, forceful voice while staying away from being overbearing. They neither fade into the back behind a soundscape nor do they produce something aesthetically pleasing but thematically lacking. They have produced an album of instantly memorable songs that deserve to be widely known.

Some of what makes this music so special is that it feels like a snapshot of everyday life frozen in time and tracked for a record. In such a form, with the natural slight positive tint of time, you can look at your life and reminisce, and even though the members of Pushing Daisies worked themselves into the songs on their new release, many listeners can no doubt find something to latch onto here. Turning on their new release feels a bit like you’ve sat down with an old friend to talk about the good and the bad of “old times,” no matter whether those events took place one or ten years ago.

The band is strikingly effective in their communication. They’ve spun complex life experience into a neat package to unwrap in the form of their new EP that is, as mentioned already, instantly memorable. Take Me Back To The Light makes its way via careful but very much alive “rock” tunes that tread that line between stylistic trends well, allowing the record to come out on top.

It’s music to think to, have a good time to – and overall, it’s music to live to. To that end, the album contains both the lines “Just take me back to the light” and “I found my way back.” The “circle of life,” or whatever else you’d like to call it, has found a shimmering, compact expression in the form of the new EP from Pushing Daisies. Turning it on, you feel like you’ve instantly found yourself at home.

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