Delicious Rock Noise
(Another Century)

These three brothers play throwback garage punk music that is equal parts fun and cool. With a bluesy howl reminiscent of Glenn Danzig in the heyday of classic Misfits lineup, pop culture lyrics and catchy melodies in the vein of Ramones, coupled with driving rock and great lyrics, this album is a pure delight.

While sticking close to their straight forward rock and roll base, the guys explore numerous sounds, from fuzzed out garage rock to flourishes of the blues and punk rock. Lyrically, the guys bounce from love to comic books to B-movie horror themes. When it seems like the music couldn’t possibly get any more interesting, the brothers wrap up with their warped take on the Teen Titans theme, which is a delightful end to the album.

For those who haven’t yet discovered Radkey, this is a great place to start as the final tracks, “Marvel” and the “Teen Titans Theme,” are worth a listen. Other than those two tracks though, many of us have already listened to this release when it came out last year on a different label and under a different name. It was great then and it’s still great now.

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