Trouble Maker

There was a time when Rancid was the punk band to reckon with, some even going as far as calling them The Clash of the ’90s at one point. While their first three studio albums still remain modern day classics, they’ve been inconsistent with each release since (a possible side effect from often having several years worth of gaps in between albums).

On Trouble Maker, they’ve filled their songs with so many overly-garbled lyrics and predictable “na na na” sing-a-longs, it feels almost as if they’ve actually become a self-parody of sorts. Tracks like “Ghost of a Chance” and “Telegraph Avenue” do actually raise some interest that’s reminiscent of their heyday, but aren’t really enough to carry the entire album. Still, I suppose I’d rather have mediocre new Rancid, than no Rancid at all.

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