Reality Slap
(WAR Records)

Lisbon, Portugal gives us their most aggressive sons again as Reality Slap pushes their new batch of energetic hardcore. This is their third release, this time on War Records, the child of Strife’s Andrew Kline. The furious sound combines NYHC grooves and newish hardcore. Reality Slap is never afraid to burst into 4/4 speeds and quickly recoil into a killer breakdown.

Exploding with energy on each track, Reality Slap charge with a catchy groove each time. These songs are tailored to incite venues into chaos. One can only envision the constant hurling of bodies and limbs as tight riffs push the boundaries. The intro is a VO of PMA spark, encouraging the listener to explore life without limits. Each track is a concise duration, 1 minute to 1:30. Strong production enhances the songwriting to feel like noises – riffs, drums, guitar leads, growls – are coming in, crashing from all directions. It is a hectic mix of anger and unbridled fury.

This is addictive, positive hardcore. The production is tight with a few flares, but nothing too clean. This breathes new life into a steep history while paying homage to the forefathers. The excitement of the members are channeled through each instrument, contagious and motivating. Lucky Europeans get to catch them, starting in February, on the You Are Part Of This Tour 2017; which boasts Deez Nuts, Comeback Kid, First Blood, Hellions, Risk It, and Get The Shot. Limitless has been pressed on a limited run of 50 for the silk-screened vinyl, 250 on clear, 300 on purple.

FFO: Bent Life, Expire, No Turning Back, Backtrack, Terror, Guns Up!, Down To Nothing

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