Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike
(Panic State Records)

September 1st be ready for punk rock powerhouse Rebuilder’s latest release Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike. We all know they will be judging from this quote of guitarist/vocalist Sal Medrano. “How do we follow up “Rock and Roll In America” when the whole country has gone to shit? By doing the only thing that can save us, playing Rock & Roll. Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike pays homage to our great state, navigating through twist and turns of feelings. It’s okay to not be okay. Let’s rock.”

After a quick listen, you’ll catch on quick that this high energy, high passion, high positivity release is fueled by each members full love for raw rock and roll. This should come as no surprise however, sharing a label such as Panic State Records with bands such as The Flatliners, We Were Sharks, and Patent Pending. SFTMT keep the attitude, rawness, and DIY attitude of punk rock, with a solidly produced album.

Even though SFTMT weighs in at only 6 songs, I honestly don’t think our ears could handle more catchy punk hits than that in one release. See for yourself in the first preview here, with “Mile or an Inch.”

Each song off the new Rebuilder EP is an instant favorite to yell drunkly with your buddies at a packed bar show, spilling your over priced tall boy all over the poor girl in front of you but you don’t care because there’s no better feeling than chanting ” GET UP GET UP GET UP NO ONE’S FALLING HERE!” in a crowd of strangers/ new best friends. Listen to “Get Up” you’ll understand.

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