Mexico City-based darkwave artist Ritualz has changed up his sound a bit in the time between his last EP, and this record, which is his first full length. Doom is still pretty dark but on this release he mines more melodic goth and post punk sounds to go along with his electronica damaged music. It creates an atmosphere of cold, icy doom, one that draws you in, but also keeps its distance.

“Trash Mental” opens with a wash of static hiss, right before a loping, pulsing synth line provides the perfect bed for his nearly whispered vocals. There is a tinge of menace as the music envelops you. “To Black” brings a catchy, almost sing songy chorus to the mix, while “Journey” adds crackles of static and hiss. “Echoes” opens with clanging of metal, and from there becomes a very dark, new wave song. It will make you dance with the disgust. “Last Echoes” ramps up the aggression a bit. Album closer “Pigs” is six minutes of distorted electronic darkness.

Ritualz provides the perfect soundtrack to the proverbial dark night of one’s soul on Doom. Fans of darkwave, goth and post punk will find much to drearily revel in. It’s a chilling dose of electronic darkness.

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