Ron Gallo
Heavy Meta
(New West Records)

There is something heartening about a kid raised in the ‘90s who doesn’t immediately track to the obvious pop punk or neo-emo clichés in making music. Ron Gallo’s New West Records debut (and second solo album), draws in from a deep well of garage rockers, psychedelic pop and classic punk and just about everything in between. The fuzz-laden guitar riffs on the first few songs sound like them came out of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s golden era of college radio rock.

The themes here tend to center around self-empowerment, settling into to domestic life and abstaining from drugs and drink, all wrapped in catchy choruses and some heavy guitar riffs. He slows it down a bit on a Bluesy track like “Black Market Eyes” or the powerful “Can’t Stand You,” managing to sound just as forceful as when he steps on the fuzz pedal.

Gallo appears much more confident as a solo artist compared to his two records with the more roots rock band Toy Soldiers. “Heavy Meta” finds him well on his way to decent career.

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