Rosen Bridge

Rosen Bridge is a five-piece metal/post hardcore outfit based out of North Wales. On May 12, the group will release their second EP, Dreamcatcher. They dropped their debut EP, Entropy, this past August. The band describes themselves as “uplifting metal,” and judging from the lyrics, that appears to be a pretty accurate description. None of the lyrical content is mean-spirited, angry, disparaging, or anything else along those lines that is sometimes associated with post hardcore and metal.

The band’s sound is a mix of atmospheric metal and post-hardcore. They tend to lean more towards the alternative rock side of the spectrum though, as they only have unclean vocals once and only turn up the chugging guitars in the final track. It would be nice to see them explore that heavier side a little more, as they consider themselves a metal outfit. Their previous EP had some more of those metal elements, even though it was still mostly clean vocals.

All four songs on the EP are enjoyable, but “Brand New” is the best track. It starts off with chugging guitars, and we hear the only unclean vocals on the EP (though only briefly). The lyrics are true to the band’s idea of being uplifting metal: “I’ve got a new faith in me from the people I know, the people I love // I’ve got a new way to face my fears.” The next best track is easily “Dreamcatcher,” unsurprisingly enough. Title tracks that are also singles are usually pretty high up there in terms of quality.

There are only a couple of things that they should improve upon for future releases. For starters, they need to avoid using cliche album titles. The word “dreamcatcher” has been so overused in this genre. A little bit more creativity in album/song titles can make a huge difference. It’s by no means the band’s fault that that particular word is on every other album, but anything they can do to separate themselves from others in this genre can only help. Secondly, the vocals are a little drowned out by the accompaniment. They should be honed in on just a bit more so fans can hear what the singer is saying. With that said, the lyrics are a little on the cheesy side at times, but they are certainly an improvement on some of the verses from Entropy.

Overall, Dreamcatcher is a solid release from a relatively new band. Even though their two EPs were released close to each other, the band successfully pulled it off without making them sound too similar. Entropy is more post hardcore sounding, while Dreamcatcher has more of an atmospheric alternative rock feel. Either way, existing fans of this band will certainly enjoy the new EP. Churning out two quality 4-track EPs in less than a year is an impressive feat, so let’s hope they can continue the momentum and drop some more music in the next year or so.

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