The Royal
(Long Branch Records)

Metal outfit The Royal show promise in Seven, but fall short consistently in its length. The problem stems from their lack of variety. In a scene where clean vocals and keyboards have become a norm, The Royal primarily stick to the basics; and while this is not necessarily a bad way to go, it does make for a rather simplistic representation of what they are capable of. Vocally, the screams are on key, but don’t take things high or low along the way; they stay steady and, therefore, boring after a while. It’s in the instrumental work that the band sticks out the most. It’s rare when an interlude steals your attention, but that’s exactly what happens midway through Seven. With more explored structures – like those found in “Creeds and the Vultures”, “Interlude”, and “Veridian” – and an extension in vocal range, the Royal could have something lasting. But as Seven stands, they need a bit more work and growth.

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