Rumors of Free Lunch
Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back
(674260 Records)

If you like fast punk rock that hits like a boot to the face, then Rumors of Free Lunch’s debut EP is right up your alley. Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back is a gritty blast, grinding and clashing its way to glory in just under seven minutes. The duo consists of Greg Kennelty on bass and guitar, with Joseph Spiller on drums and performing vocals.

Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back sets out in one direction in terms of structure, working as a strength to the overall sound. With the blend of rock and punk attitude, the aura of the music feels much like a hardcore record. There is a prominent feeling of pissed-off emotions that comes crashing down in each note. The vocals maintain a consistent level of screams and anger that fuels the constant adrenaline that the band exudes. Instrumentally, Rumors of Free Lunch keeps everything at a straight forward pummeling, clashing away at drums, and playing with guitar tones that pierce the air. The EP is a full throttle ride from the get go, kicking the rush off with opening track “On Our Way To Perdition”. With a brief drum roll, the track erupts in metallic clashing and vibrant guitar rhythms.

This flows right into “Trust Fund Financial Genius”, keeping the momentum flowing with tremendous bursts of energy. The lyrics take the approach of playful commentary, taking plenty of jabs at politics. “It’s telling me, telling me to grab her/ Grab her right by the cat/ The hair is telling me what to do,” is one example from the song “Combover of Doom”. The duo come right at one particular Fascist bigot in classic hardcore delivery, the instrumentation crunching down in grit and anger. “We Need A Hero” rings with distortion heavy guitars that cut through hefty drum work. Thick noise meets sharp instrumentation to create a bustle of excitement and call to action.

In all its aggression, Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back makes a wonderful treat in wild playfulness. Its dirty distortion meets vibrant guitar playing that keeps each song fresh. Kennelty and Spiller display their musicianship in spinning elements of rock and punk to deliver fresh material that is righteously pissed-off, to the point, and full of life.

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