Weird as Hell EP

It’s a union that makes sonic sense, but bands have been combining their love of Nirvana and Weezer a lot recently (Superheaven, Citizen, Turnover, etc.). I guess you could argue it’s more Brand New than Weezer, but whatever, the result is the same: bright, cheery yet distorted riffs meet honest lyrics and a feeling of malaise despite the noise. Pittsburgh-based rock group Same (not exactly the easiest band to search for) certainly fall into this style, but they do it quite well. Weird as Hell features a striking picture of a white plastic horse sinking into pink-colored water. It definitely is an odd image, and much of this little EP has a similarly hazy and dreamy style.

Same’s riffs aren’t particularly loud or heavy, and the vocals are clear yet not exactly poppy. These songs don’t quite have the dynamic heft of many of their brethren, but they (mostly) have enough of a hook to make them memorable. The title track and “Blurry Legs” are probably the best versions of what Same does well. They aren’t rewriting the rule book, but I don’t think that’s the band’s goal. They want to make fun indie-flavored rock, and Weird as Hell is certainly a good example of that. Same doesn’t stick the landing, as the overlong finale doesn’t feel like it goes anywhere all that worthwhile after six-plus minutes, but it’s a minor sidestep for an otherwise enjoyable little EP.

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