SÂVER just released an album that harnesses the power of synth, bass grooves, and heaviness all into one stunning release. They Came With Sunlight dropped March 8 via Pelagic records.

The idea of starting SÂVER was a consequence of ending something“, comments Ole Christian Helstad, guitar and vocals, formerly of Tombstones and Hymn. “In the beginning, it was a good mix of loss, in a way, and the excitement of a blank canvas. In hindsight, we shared a feeling of longing for an escape, getting away from the known, and immersing ourselves into something completely different… which is scary and exciting at the same time. It mirrors the band both in a literary sense, as well as the general mood during the writing process.“

Recorded last year, the band has managed to fold a lot of heaviness, passion, and intensity into this new album. Each song builds on the energy of the last, and the end result is a cohesive and well-orchestrated package.

Purchase the album here. 


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