It’s overdue by five years, but I smile as I type (and say) this out loud:


I can’t help to reminisce on some of their most iconic and memorable records that scream out “EMO-FOREVER,” like Stay What You Are and In Reverie.

9, Saves The Day’s ninth record is due for release on October 26 via Equal Vision Records. chronicles the group of kids who have turned their childhood dreams into reality by conquering the challenges and conflicts, yet soaking in every beautiful moment and adventure that this path has taken the trio down.

9 is a different record in its entirety. They step away from the traditional, emo lyrics and punk rock rhythms and tap into a more melodic, pop-punk sound. The record highlights memorable experiences the band has gone through over the decades.

Track 1: “Saves The Day” – encompasses who they are as a band, touring around the world. 

Track 2: “Suzuki” – On a couch, writing album number 9. 

Track 3: “Side by Side” – Sticking together side by side, time and time again. 

Track 4: “Kerouac & Cassady” – the adventurous times of driving in a van on the way to their next show and playing their favorite songs on the radio.

Track 6: “Rose” – hotel parties, blurred memories, and bad decisions…

Track 7: “1997” –  is the year the bandmates started their journey with Saves The Day.

All in all, 9 is a great autobiography of songs about Saves The Day. Some of my favorites off the record are “Kerouac & Cassady” and “Rose.”

Purchase the album here. 

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