Science of Sleep
(Bastardized Recordings )

What about deathcore in 2016? Is there stuff out there that actually works? Are there purveyors willing to believe? I got one. How about a form that feels natural, is very much deathcore, is proud to be such, and sort of extends all its inner manifestations into energetic lighting extensions. Add to that rich substance a particular progressive mentality and there you have it: deathcore that works. Germany’s guttural stompers Science of Sleep are a band that transcends its genre in an arty way. They have a wide reaching syntax that is—I guess you could call it—in a pure state.

On Hellmouth, their second full-length, the band sticks to patterns that sway and sting, having enough insight to build creases in all the in-between folds, to continually duck falling into complacency. Basically, these guys stay out of their own way (not an easy task); letting whatever feels particular to their unique dimension, shine bright and full. One of deathcore’s qualities is its repetition. This many seem like less than a quality—and it certainly is in most deathcore cases—but not with Science of Sleep, they dip into the waters of their own tears, and work prudently with what they see fit.

“Plainfield” goes all the way from resonant to emotional, to progressive and crushing. The whole thing simply works. “Death Realm” rips in angles sharp and bouncy. You can hear the bass perform its mission and detours, and drums that sound like somebody’s actually playing them. “Purge” is thrashy and quick, a headbanger in a rapid state. I could see some necks actually being snapped.

Hellmouth succeeds in its direct distinction. It is only what it presents itself as. There are no gimmicks, no transgressions; it is loyal to itself, and flat out rocks. Deathcore seems to be hanging on in bands that know their way around themselves.

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