The musicians in Sea In The Sky have created a strikingly progressive but cohesive record with their new release, Everything All At Once. It opens up with a combination of highly technical guitar playing over heavy, pounding breakdowns, and it doesn’t let up from there. It’s memorable, catchy – and even quite fun to listen to. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to simultaneously dance and contemplate the meaning of life.

It’s solid, well constructed music. The album as a whole is an organic feeling piece of art; it’s more than just a collection of boppy tunes. It’s complex but it doesn’t go over your head. The heavy thread in the music, reminiscent of old Dance Gavin Dance or Secret Band, helps keep it interesting. The melodies in of themselves feel memorable, which is most certainly not always the case, especially in music that isn’t in your face heavy where the music itself can sometimes take a back seat to the words. In such situations, an undue amount of weight is on the words, but the members of Sea In The Sky avoid that with their new release. The music and lyrics work together quite well.

Thematically and lyrically, Everything All At Once is inventive. It uses inventive metaphors, again like Dance Gavin Dance, which again helps keep the music memorable and fresh. For example, on the track called “Night Anchor,” the band’s vocalist Sam Kohl paints a picture of going boating after the peak of the day, describing the situation in terms obviously loaded with personal meanings.

There are standout moments on pretty much every track; there is no filler here, and it all makes sense and flows together well. On “Overview Effect,” Kohl implores the object of his singing to “not pretend that everything is fine.” On “False Cods,” Kohl makes yet another statement that will make your head turn, singing, “I can’t tell what is the artist and what is the art.”

All of Kohl’s vocals are clean; Everything All At Once is heavy technical guitar playing combined with Kohl’s strong vocals. He isn’t overly high, and he isn’t overly low either – he’s a solid singer. More than just a collection of catchy songs, Everything All At Once is the anthem of a catchy band.

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