(Pure Noise Records)

Apparently perfecting your brand of punk/rock can lead one to revisit their earliest influences. In the case of Seaway, the band has chosen to follow up their 2015 gem, Colour Blind, with a totally 90s alt/rock album of pure bliss. Vacation is a mixture of Third Eye Blind, Weezer, Lit, The Ataris, and more; in a word, the band has pulled off their nostalgic trip immaculately.

“London” plays around with some early pop elements, while keeping a rock performance in the vein of a true Green Day anthem; “Something Wonderful” begs to be put on replay with its upbeat verses and 90s-referencing chorus, all while encompassing every element the band has ever done right; and “Day Player” pulls off the signature, mid-tempo style of the highlighted scene with absolute ease.

Seaway has simply executed their goal with Vacation, and it’s fucking glorious. Get it, learn it, worship it.

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