The Decompose EP from the Florida hardcore band Seek Well strikes the listener right off the bat as something worth coming back to repeatedly. The accessible energy of the release jumps out at you almost right away; the band has taken that classic hardcore fury and updated it, keeping it fresh while maintaining its connections to its roots.

The EP is only three tracks long, and although more tracks would have been welcome, on this short record the band manages to pack a major punch. They include music on both the brooding and the manically intense side on their release, blending the two elements together well in what feels like some very good songwriting. It’s heavy and fast hardcore music, but it still feels catchy; the band has incorporated a melodic element onto the album that serves them well. The hardcore is polished and blended, and has a very attractive presentation.

As mentioned, Seek Well have not completely severed themselves from their roots to the point of sounding completely different from their hardcore contemporaries, but their presentation of the style feels fitting nonetheless. You can’t always say that a hardcore band maintains a level of accessibility without sacrificing some of the heaviness to their music, but the coexistence of those two elements is what feels integral here. In that light, the band sounds like one that would easily be able to put on a great show that any heavy music fan could enjoy, no matter whether they’d heard of Seek Well before.

The band certainly has the space to become more polished in their presentation, but we all do, and that’s not a drawback here, because their music is just very enjoyable. Every detail of their Decompose release feels like a fitting and integral part of the enjoyable whole, right down to the crisp-sounding production.

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