Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

Celebrating 15 years as a band, Senses Fail hit the road across the country treating their loyal fans with a night of Still Searching and some other deep cuts. Taking with them 3 of the the scenes up and coming bands, Counterparts, Movements and Like Pacific.

The tour hit Los Angeles playing at the Teragram Ballroom. I’ve personally never been to this venue, but the shows that have hit this place seemed to be pretty badass. As the line built up all the way to the corner, the doors opened, and shortly after the first band began to play.

Toronto’s Like Pacific opened the show and didn’t waste any time setting the mood for the entire night. One of my favorite photographers, and a close friend, was on the tour with these guys and just by the posts he would make on Instagram, I could tell Like Pacific are full of fun & energy on and off stage. Definitely check them out.

Up next were “the local boys” Movements. I’ve heard about this band for quite a while now and only started listening to them after they played My Iron Lung’s final show a few months back. A good blend of ambient, melodic and heavy, this band absolutely brought the feels. And obviously the crowd went off. Also, their tour manager is one of my favorite Filipinos around. Yee!

Okay, I lied, not everyone was up and coming. Counterparts who co-headlined this entire tour is no stranger to the scene. Having been around for a while now, Hamilton, ON’s Counterparts has set the bar for technical and melodic hardcore through the years. I played with this band about six years ago at The Cobalt and I must say, the crowd then compared to now is 5 million times bigger and crazier. Glad these dudes never stopped doing what they do and keep raising the bar with their sound.

As Senses Fail walked on stage the buzz in the crowd grew more and more and as the band started playing “The Rapture” the sing-alongs began. I immediately thought about the first time I saw Senses Fail in a Drive Thru Records DVD. This is the band that made me want to play Chain Reaction. Anyways, the band played the entirety of Still Searching and dropped some hits in as an encore and ended the night with “Bite to Break Skin.”

At this rate, I don’t see Senses Fail disappearing. Being a band for 15 years and still throwing out insane amounts of energy during a performance like they do takes something special and that’s what this band is to a lot of people.

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