Serpentine Dominion
Serpentine Dominion
(Metal Blade Records)

The debut of the hardcore metal trio which is George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, Adam Dutkiewicz, and Shannon Lucas; is an incredible collaboration with all the trademarks of a supergroup. A band with something so impactful to say that the first song you hear grips you like a snake bite, and won’t let go.

I couldn’t get over the intro to the album (it’s so cool). It’s really an unbelievable sound in a style that is mighty alluring, from the acoustic intro to the intense metal.

The fantastic sounds that follow in the entire album are sure to please you like the instrumentals – really killer hardcore music by warmongers that is so intense it’s indestructible. It is forged of pure driving metallic riffs, and riveted together with shredding. An atmospheric assault carefully composed of torment is created in their dominion for those of you who like horror, but fear not, you are to be spared into ascendancy by listening to it.

Serpentine Dominion will not disappoint even those who are more delicate; they have lovingly enhanced the musicality by adding harmonic vocal chants and shouts to the growling undertone of the lead’s rough voice.

Blasting drum beats, metalcore sounding growls, guitars like rapid fire, with soaring riffs and shredding, tones of dominant destructive forces with second vocals that are amazing. Horns up, headbangers!

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