Temple of the Adversarial Fire
(World Terror Committee)

There’s this amazingly invested backdrop to the music of Norway’s deep thinking death metalers Shaarimoth. Like a veil of flowing prisms in the fiery pits of Krakatoa, something deep, but refreshing. The band sort of takes a snapshot of all things they break with, lasting brutal just long enough, typing avant-garde ever so nimbly, and forever championing that crucial outside the metal box sort of thinking. Very arty are these Norwegians, and very much a pleasure to spend time with. You’re sinking in dreamy nightmares with classical sensation, and then slam…deep and blackened thrash to rage through your entire surface, progressive nuance to swim with, guitar virtuosity and deep connection to a moment. Ascendance and crescendos like acid water and vision.

Like a crusty bread basket of warmth and desire, you’ll feel a connection to the band’s newest album Temple of the Adversarial Fire, that you haven’t felt for awhile. Grim and cryptic, yet so open and welcoming, sections like formulaic water ripples. Shaarimoth show you many aspects, many joys, many sorrows; like at the end of “Fires Of Molok”, you’re floating man, floating down the pagan utopia, filled with the horror, but you’ve lived it. This album touches on seemingly biblical transcendence, sort of like Behemoth’s The Satanist, in terms of pure and surprising emotion. But it’s its own gig. There’s a lot of odd time signatures running throughout, like a demon jazz mode; breaking in half, building up, and then setting fire.

You get lost in the progression. Like on “Faceless Queen of Bloodstained Dreams”: a trip like the dark angle of Ken Kesey, Alex Grey and Moses or something. It’s psychedelic, and vertical, but circular as well, pushing an idea and playing with the arrangements. “Harba Di Ash’ mdai” has this exotic spinal fluid running though it, with refined shred, riffs that excite and make you dream. This thing’s got it man. Temple of the Adversarial Fire, I mean this is your 2017 jam. Ripping stuff, and smart stuff. The drums, the feeling of the guitars, the dimensional voices…pick it up, you’ll want to art out to it all night long, all drive long, thinking this is great metal man, this is great music. It really is.

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