It’s definitely a new golden age for hardcore, even if that’s due primarily to the fact that there is so much crappy stuff to rebel against currently. And that means classic hardcore bands like Sick Of It All are going to be coming out of the word work and releasing new music.

That’s exactly what the famed band did on Wake the Sleeping, their brand-spanking-new studio album. And this new record won’t disappoint. They aren’t reveling in their relative old age, writing songs that reflect complacency or self-satisfaction. Their tracks are just as short and blistering as ever, and tackle some serious current events on songs like “That Crazy White Boy Shit,” “Self Important Shithead,” and “The New Slavery.”

As with most cases when a classic band releases brand-new material, there will be lovers and there will be haters. There are always some who feel the band can’t live up to their previous glory, and others who worship the new stuff and think it’s the best thing the band has ever done. But no matter where you fall on that spectrum, it’s clear that Sick Of It All put a lot of angst, hate, and passion into this new release, just like hardcore should.

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