Silent Planet
Everything Was Sound
Solid State Records

Silent Planet have tackled many issues through their music over the years. Topics range from WWII victims, to Native Americans losing their homes to western expansion, sex trafficking and many others. There aren’t many metalcore outfits who consistently address social issues throughout multiple releases, but this band has done so thus far. Many of these songs tell stories of real people who live(d) real lives. The songs sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, knowing that in their stories some of these people suffered great hardship. It’s a discomfort that’s also incredibly inspiring. Metalcore has become dull and predictable, and Silent Planet are thinking outside of the box.

“Are we so blind to believe that violence could give birth to peace?” The frontman asks in one of the most hard hitting songs on the album, “No Place To Breathe.” This track is clearly inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and the oppression of the black community. In “Panic Room” the band paints a bleak picture centering around a soldier who is suffering from PTSD after going to war. The soldier in question is a friend of the band, and is the inspiration behind the lyrics. It’s one of the heaviest tracks on the entire album, and the breakdown is goosebumps-inducing. “Understanding Love As Loss” addresses suicide and depression. The list goes on. Every song on this album has a purpose.

The band does not hide their religious faith – in fact, they reference their faith over and over again when discussing topics of social issues. It’s an important aspect of their music, as well as the meaning behind the songs. Fans don’t need to be religious themselves to appreciate the content of the songs though. The messages of love, understanding and tolerance are universal regardless of your creed. They are simply viewing the world through the lens of their faith, and the songs are interpretations of what they see. Many music fans can relate to the various topics on the album, and use their own personal viewpoints to interpret the lyrics.

Silent Planet have written one of the most brutally honest metalcore albums in years. They are revitalizing the metalcore scene by bringing social issues to light through beautifully written music. Instead of using coded messaging they bluntly take a stance on many issues that affect millions of people across the world. There are no other metalcore bands doing exactly what they are doing right now. Don’t just take our word for it though – listen to Everything Was Sound for yourself. This album should be on everyone’s short list for best of 2016.

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