Ethereal and divinely feminine, Sir Babygirl narrates the modern struggles of love over perfectly crafted, synthed-out beats. Fresh and fun, this album is sugary sweet and packs a punch worthy of a toothache later on.

Sir Babygirl’s latest release,  Crush on Me, released through Father/Daughter Records, is a ready-made-for-summer record. This album is a pop/electronica fusion that begs to be heard while sipping on a cherry Slurpee.  The album kicks off with, “Heels,” which features a semi-tribal 808 beat and an energetic edge. This track takes a slightly new-wave route, while “Cheerleader” features a more modern pop arrangement, keeping the album relatable and snapchat-worthy.  

This record has the intimacy of a lo-fi or bedroom pop album, but with consistently electronic based arrangements, it takes the listener on a journey of love going 85mph. Its soundscape is like an urban coffee shop, and its multiple sounds and elements create a cohesive environment that is  pleasing and exciting. For a debut, the album is essentially flawless and will be worth revisiting all summer long.

Purchase the album here. 

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