Future Echo Returns
(Black Bow Records)

Heavy and unearthly, Belfast’s barons of sludge/fuzz/psychedelia are on top of their game once again with their new release Future Echo Returns. Soaring off into exceptional places, the riff is their rocket fuel, and they’re packing in enough for quite the trip.

Music of this style and tone is explained at its best with as few words as possible. The magical synergy taking off here is a power load erupting forth from the amplifiers, crossing streams of various eclectic grades, and leaving the listeners off with an oddity head jerking music for big imaginations.

Future Echo Returns seems to tap into the sludge background a bit more than Estron, but there is still plenty of the psychedelic power coursing through the veins of this album. Exceptional gizmos and artistic talent are combined to create a bizarre and unique sound on each of the seven tracks. It’s probably an effort in futility to distinguish them all in a handful of listens. Everything sounds so excellently spliced together, and it all fits together as well, unlike a clusterfuck of non-essential noises that might spoil a few bands of this forte.

The key point of this band is quality behind each riff; there is a persistent buzzing in them, which is a Slomatics trademark perhaps. As the synergy of David and Chris drive the groove, the power behind the band is the monolithic crusher that is Marty on the drums. The quality here is A grade for anyone who is a fan of thrashier and rock based drumming in their doom. There exists a contrast between layers of Marty’s pummeling drum axis, and the crossovers of David and Chris blending examples of space bending psychedelia.

Slomatics Future Echo Returns is a good ride.

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