Certain corners of the music community know a lot about the intricacies of metal and obvious heaviness. For some, what inescapably brutalizing textures and their variants can contribute to a metaphorical conversation is well known. What is known, though, about what the opposite can contribute to that very same conversation? What about the other side of the spectrum, substantive but tantalizingly soft musical textures?

The Europe-based band Slow Crush seems intent on answering these questions and more via their new record Aurora, out in late September 2018 via Holy Roar Records. The band’s label placement itself helps drive home how ambitious they’re aiming to be with their music. Holy Roar doesn’t just sign and promote any old pop band; they put out furious and complex records from bands like Employed To Serve and Conjurer.

Slow Crush, although quite far musically from both of those example artists, fits right in. The point, after all,  at least in part, is the humanity behind the heaviness, right? There’s always going to be a place for raw human expression in music. Fans of heavy music aren’t entirely just after a mindless quick fix; we’re after the lifeblood that defines ourselves and the world around us.

Slow Crush is on the same path. The band draws you in via their substantive, inviting musical patchwork. Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself in the middle of the band’s music and in the palm of their hand, so to speak, as they implicitly ask you to think and, perhaps more pressingly, just observe the world around you, both inside and outside the context of the song. With the band’s open musical textures, you can do that as a listener. The open nature of the band’s work almost allows the rushing and fury of the world around us to fill in the song and drive it home.

Whereas more obviously heavy songs can close off escapes, these songs take a different route, relying on you wanting to ignore the escapes. The band relies pretty much solely on you, as a listener, wanting to stick with them and wanting to see where the path that they’re on leads, and it’s a strikingly unique and inviting destination.

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