Slow Death
Hate Filled World
(Corpse Flower)

Slow Death play a raging mix of hardcore and noise rock that is to point and in your face. This new band which features Randy Larsen of Connecticut noise rock miscreants Cable on vocals, as well as drummer Matt Spearin from Disappearer, as well as guitarist Jeremy Medeiros and bassist Jesse Sherman. They have come together to do some serious damage.

They have no time to waste. Each song hovers around the 2:00 minute mark or under, except for the closer which stretches out to 3:41, and indulges in a little bit of sludge metal. So what you get here are a bunch of tracks arranged for maximum impact. And man, do they hit hard. It’s noisy, fast and loud.

“Daggers Of Hate” opens the proceedings and immediate goes for throat. It’s aggressive, uptempo tone sets the pace for what it is to follow. “Hungry Rats” is a 1:20 banger, while “Suicide Man” stretches it out to about two minutes, but providing some noisy rock breakdowns along with the hardcore. “I’d Rather Be The Hammer”, goes short, fast and hard, wasting no time in messing you up. “Midnight Black” starts slow, blasts off, but takes time to throw some sludgy parts into the mix. The aforementioned closer “Three On A Meathook”, comes closest to Larsen’s former band, as it is a mid-paced battering of sludgy noise core. (Though, his vocals are very recognizable throughout the whole album.)

Hate Filled World is an excellent dose of hardcore, for those who like it fast and noisy. Here’s hoping that¬†there will be more music from them in the future.

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