Cayley Spivey’s passion for songwriting and playing at local coffee shops in her hometown of Myrtle Beach, SC grew into the project called Small Talks. After being signed to Common Ground Records and releasing their debut album, Until It Returns To Petals, in 2017, Small Talks has played at Vans Warped Tour and FEST in Florida.

Small Talks sophomore record, A Conversation Between Us, is “about a lot of personal things and shared it like I would during a private conversation with someone I trust. I dug into my subconscious while writing this album in hopes to find what inspires me and discover why. It is dedicated to the human condition and those who feel lonely, not because they are alone, but because they can’t find the words to express to others the things that matter to them”, says Cayley.

“Nicotine & Tangerines” was Small Talks first single release in 2018. The name caught my attention: two things I like: nicotine (probably referring to cigarettes) and tangerines. The song was even better, which then lead me to discover the rest of Small Talks.  

“Oceans” is about holding onto authenticity and being good enough for yourself despite external pressures to fit molds and meet expectations decided by the world around you,” says Cayley.

“So pour me a drink / I don’t need to think, hunny / I want to pull another drag off your cigarette / I wanna dance in the night, I don’t want to be anybody.” Lyrically, “Anybody” is another favorite track of mine.

“Thinking Of The Sun” is a stronger track when compared to the rest of the album as they incorporate more variations of rhythms and melodies which lead up to a more climatic chorus.  Listening to A Conversation Between Us reminded me of CHVRCHES because of its heavy focus on synth-pop melodies and sheer vocals; it’s blissful and uplifting.

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