Snowball II
Flashes Of Quincy

Music aficionados often wonder how a genre can be pushed in a different direction after being heavily saturated. No one wants to hear the same style being played over and over again by five different bands. One direction a band can take is to go back to the roots of their sound and put their own spin on it. That’s what the Los Angeles indie rock collective Snowball II did with their brand new release Flashes Of Quincy. It’s a stellar fusion of ‘80s alternative rock reminiscent of Guided By Voices and vintage power pop mirroring The Nerves that leaves a positive impression.

The band’s third album to be released over the course of 12 months, Snowball II gets all sorts of fuzzy with Flashes Of Quincy. There’s a combination of low tuning, deep tones and heavy distortion that gives the entire album a distinct edge. Jackson Wargo’s lyrics are heartfelt and honest to give it a genuine quality. It’s intense and soothing at the same time while walking an artistic fine line that very few bands achieve. The pop aesthetic of it all is contagious to the senses as well.

“CR-VUC” is a collaboration between Wargo and Kurt Heasley from ‘90s shoegaze act Lily. It’s catchy and infectious while the chorus conveys pleasant harmonies. With the loud-quiet-loud structure comes “Resident Of The United States”, the drums have a huge presence while serving as the anchor from start to finish. A rhythmic jam is “Meet Yr Dad”, the track has a lot to offer with it being driven by the bass while the guitar absolutely shreds. Wargo has a bit of swagger going on too.

Snowball II’s album release show for Flashes Of Quincy will be happening at The Hi Hat in Los Angeles on February 25. They’ll be following that up with a residency at the Silverlake Lounge in the same city that’ll be taking place every Friday night in May. If you’re in the area then you should definitely check out the upcoming shows. It sounds like you’d need to bring a pair of earplugs though to keep your hearing intact. Until then, check out Snowball II’s brand new album and enjoy.

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