Reach For The Sky
(Test Your Metal Records)

This album is solid steel. Reach For The Sky by Solitude is a gripping 8 track album that rolls through and cuts to the bone. These Japanese musicians have found a groove that rocks and rolls with a metallic sheen.

Riff for riff Reach For The Sky is a true metal attack. Inspired by the musical DNA of Motörhead, Saxon, and old skool Metallica, Reach For The Sky is an ode to the metal gods in hard crushing style. Solitude have gathered together excellent harmonies and beautiful melodies into excellently written songs. You can feel the rich genuine spirit of old fashioned metal blasting out of every bar.

Reach For The Sky is definitely worth checking out for fans of traditional speed metal and old classic styles of heavy rock. If you’re interested at all in the NWOTHM movement that has taken the world by storm the last few years, then you will not be disappointed by Solitude, who have racked up years of touring with bands like Enforcer, Tank, and Venom just to name a few.

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