We’ve seen many music mash-ups in the past where a band or artist combines two seemingly disparate genres and forms something new. Sometimes these two genres go together like peanut butter and chocolate and you have an exciting, tasty, new hybrid, while other times, they go together like the proverbial oil and water and turn out to be an awkward mess. Something Is Waiting fall into the former category with their combination of misanthropic noise rock and 80s cock rock strut.
This is one tasty peanut butter cup of an album that is more than likely made out of the darkest, most bitter chocolate.
Songs For The Sally Beauty Pavilion, the band’s sophomore release, is stripped-down noise rock with the strut of 80s hard rock. It’s a strange combination, but it works brilliantly. Over the course of the album’s eight tracks, lead singer Eddie Gobbo (Jar’d Loose) spits his outrage over everything that pisses him off in the music world and world at large, while the band lays down a nasty, feedback-ridden groove. It’s stripped-down and punchy, full of outsider attitude. It rocks like a motherfucker.
Songs For The Sally Beauty Pavilion is one weird, wild, and wonderful record. It takes two disparate musical elements, splices them together, and makes them work, like some mutant form of alchemy. It’s definitely one of the most distinct-sounding albums you’ll hear this year. So, get a bunch of booze, crank up this album, and revel in its scuzzy glory.
Though, all this makes me wonder about the next musical mash coming down the pike. Could it be mumble rock? Who knows?

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