Sons Of Texas
Forged by Fortitude
(Razor & Tie)

Somewhere between Pantera’s groove and Nonpoint’s uniquely melodic aggression lies previously hidden gem Sons of Texas. The (surprise!) Texan band really shine on their sophomore record, highlighting how effective hard rock can still be in 2017. To be fair, Sons Of Texas are about as metallic as a rock band can get, and its in the moments when the group leans on their heavier influences that Forged by Fortitude really shines. “Feed the Need” is a funky yet pissed-off stomper; the title track is a Pantera-fueled metallic ripper, and “Down in the Trenches” is literally the song that every Southern rock band has been trying to write the past decade.

That really gets to why Sons Of Texas are so successful on this joyously groove-based release: they just get it. Instead of writing stupid tough guy bravado and hiding terrible lyrics behind even worse musicianship, these Texans really know their way around a riff and a hook, and they wield those two weapons with lethal force. To be fair, not all lyrics on Forged by Fortitude are excellent; the empowering tales do work more often than they don’t, but the less said about “Slam With The Lights On”, the better. The lead guitar work is often excellent, and aside a couple moments when the band gets a little too close to B-grade radio hard rock, Forged by Fortitude is just a damn fun, consistent listen. Sons Of Texas may not be on your radar, but when it comes to crafting tunes perfectly suited for a Summer (or Fall) BBQ, these Texas sure do have you covered.

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