Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

So after almost 365 days of waiting. Southern California hosts the best and the brightest and the heaviest that the world of hardcore has to offer. It’s Sound and Fury once again. I won’t go to too much detail on that quite yet (what else am I gonna write about the next few days..right?).

To start the festivities, the folks at Sound and Fury threw a fest kickoff show at a very familiar venue for hardcore kids of Los Angeles, The Union.

Last year, they had the Beautiful Ones and Regulate set things off. This year the bill was pretty stacked. A lot of new names but nonetheless they brought the heavy. Enlisting some up and coming bands like 805’s Dead Heat and the Bay Area’s No Rightwhom off the bat just got the show going. Following them were a band that’s no stranger to the scene, 818 boys Human Garbage. Next up was my personal favorite of the night, Ohio’s Homewrecker. Like holy shit! They were pretty sick.

Closing the kickoff show was Sound and Fury alumni, DownpresserLast year, the band only got to play about 3 songs due to someone getting hurt in the pit. This time around they went for the long haul and gave SAF attendees the show to set the mood for the weekend. I’ve personally seen Downpresser a few times and definitely never a dull moment.

I will stop right here and leave you with some photos from the night. There are still 3 more days of shows and pure chaos, so in the words of every flaky Craigslist poster, I’LL KEEP YOU POSTED!

Sound and Fury Kickoff Show

I’ll carry on, for you I can.

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