Badmotorfinger [25th Anniversary Edition]

Did you know that Soundgarden sold 2+million copies of Badmotorfinger? Well, considering that the album produced singles like “Outshined” and “Rusty Cage” and was released when grunge was quickly replacing hair metal as the most dominant genre, it’s not surprising. The commemorate the 25 years since Badmotorfinger made Soundgarden a household name, several different versions of the album have been released with plenty of rare extras. The Deluxe 2CD Edition contains the original album remastered on disc 1, which, of course was a game changer in the world of grunge/alt-rock in the early ’90s, and helped solidify Soundgarden as a Very Important Band.

Disc 2 contains 8 unreleased studio outtakes plus “New Damage” with Brian May, and 7 live tracks from The Paramount Theater in Seattle. Additionally there is a well crafted 36 page booklet with new artwork and photos. For diehard fans, the inclusion of 15 unreleased tracks alone is worth the price of admission, and for those who missed the iconic album the first time, this is a perfect package to help caught up on an album that assisted in shaping alternative rock in its infancy.

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