Sparrow Sleeps
Sparrow and Friends Start a Band!

Looking for an album to play for your children? Why not try Sparrow and Friends Start a Band!? This pretty darn good kid’s record leaves us with a desire to nestle down to a lullaby at the end of the day, with a mouthful of toothpaste after our cupcakes, the only tiring thing having been dancing a lot and rocking out with the music.

Whether or not you have a taste for character voices, quickly you’ll discover that they do lead well in more than a few songs, and some of them are terrific hits! For those adults who may be listening along, naptime may seem out of the question as those little ones who are rocking out will not grow tired. Not until they’ve sang “The Sugar Song”, looping it while jumping on your bed…

Activities that are praiseworthy, inspiring songs of this band will certainly bring out the joy of listening to music in childhood. Youth alike will want to participate and use their imaginations to enjoy these songs and participate too.

Favorites like “I Wanna Play,” or the lullaby “While the Sparrows Nest” will remain as memories you share with your kids for a lifetime.

Learning words and dance moves is a productive way to spend time together with family.

Important messages are certainly clear, like “… Crossing roads and streets can be dangerous” unless your “Holding Hands”!

Sparrow Sleeps supports a worthwhile effort to educate children by helping them develop a love of music.

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