Spectral Voice / Phrenelith
Split 7″ EP
(Iron Bonehead/Dark Descent)

More mindless rot that preachers will warn you about.

The Spectral Voice / Phrenelith split isn’t easy on the ears, and nor should it be. Iron Bonehead and Dark Descent have teamed up to offer two of the best raw death metal acts in the underground game. While other bands are struggling to break the sixth and seventh dimensions with progressive technicality, Spectral Voice and Phrenelith keep it simple with ear shredding blast beats and rapid tremolo assaults.

The seven inch split holds only two songs, but both are face rippers that one should play again and again in a playlist of awesome 2016 death metal. From Denver and Denmark respectively, Spectral Voice and Phrenelith are the future of extreme and raw death metal.

Purchase the split here.



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