As the band’s first ever release, Stages In Faith presents two fun as hell tracks, full of hardcore punk fun. Forgiving Man takes inspiration from the 80s hardcore scene, including its melodic evolution that took place in the 90s. What listeners can primarily expect from these songs is a solid old school punk sound, bursting with energy, dipping into nostalgic vibes.

The vocal style is laid back, blending into the material’s melody, with both amplifying the other. Kicking things off with the self-tilted track, the band present a smooth ride in consistent drum beats and rhythm, spicing things up with touches of electric streaks that pop up throughout the song. “Dysfunction/Brain Blank” turns up the intensity, offering more range from the guitar. At times the instrumentation will linger about in warm tones, but there’s a lot more of that classic punk energy here, with all the instruments bashing about. Towards the end the song takes a drastic shift in slowing things down, which is jarring given the wonderful flow listeners have gotten to experience from earlier in the material.

The two songs are an overall excellent introduction to Stages In Faith. They’re a blast to jam out to, making for a promising beginning for the UK hardcore punk act as they continue to build upon their craft.

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