Stay Inside
As You Were EP

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for good post-hardcore. There’s something about the jolting pressure of the genre that has me returning time after time. However, post-hardcore is one of the genres that isn’t quite a constant in my life. I find myself falling in and out of it, then re-discovering it again a few months later. Stay Inside inspired me to look into the depths of Bandcamp and find more bands that have the same strength as they do.

The Brooklyn band’s EP, As You Were, is a cyclic piece. It starts off with the track, “Radio Silence” which is a booming, noisy beginning to this release. The lead vocals are reminiscent of old school emo tracks but the instrumentals are so intricate and dense which is to be expected in post-hardcore. There are so many layers within this song that one would have to listen to it a handful of times to catch everything this band is doing. The pre-chorus is loud and so on point before it explodes in the chorus, which allows all the members to shine. It’s easily my favorite track on this EP and I would hope that the band is playing it during their live sets.

“Daily News” transcends the band into their bigger and flashier sound. It’s refreshing to hear some of this guitar work, which builds onto the absolutely stunning vocal work in the chorus. It’s not a track that stands out as much as “Radio Silence” but it’s a great middle piece to this tiny EP. “Daily News” is also the shortest song on this release, clocking in at about five minutes.

“Blockbussa” begins with a calming and melodic guitar and some incredibly morose vocals and the simple drum work kicks in throughout the first verse before taking a pause and letting the vocals take the spotlight for a few moments. This is when the chorus comes around and fills the space with a wall of sound. It trickles back down again into the second verse. This is also the longest track on As You Were, worth about six minutes. It’s a wonderful, translucent ending to this whole release. This is another song that has so many facets to it that it drives through the listener, especially the bridge, which is so winding and dark.

Another nice thing about this band is how diverse all the members are. Often when checking out post-hardcore bands, it’s pretty much just a bunch of white dudes yelling. But Stay Inside boasts a great mix of people who all happen to be on the same page about what they want their sound to be. All transplants from all over the country, from Delaware to Los Angeles to Pennsylvania, and they’ve found their home in Brooklyn NY. What a blessing.

Grab the EP here.

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