Angry, passion-driven music is often associated with grindcore, death, and black metal, but prog can be angry, too. Just ask Stafano Lentini.

Actually, you don’t need to ask Lentini anything, because he pours all of his anger, fury, and emotion into his brand-new record, aptly titled Fury. 

Described as an “alternative-classic project with a symphonic prominence, prog, electronic, and folk influences” in his press release, Lentini’s Fury spans multiple genres while always keeping it true to the progressive and symphonic elements that drive the music. Where the aggression and fury come in are in the variety and ferocity of his playing.

Produced in collaboration with Geoff Foster, the Grammy-award-winning sound engineer who worked on The Dark Knight, Fury deals with anger, resentment, and the redemption that comes after confronting these emotions head-on. Don’t just expect furious guitar riffs or traditional, symphonic anger here, though. Lentini’s use of unique elements that play off of each other and contrast with the melodies in the music tie in sounds that are almost electro-inspired in nature.

Perhaps the most standout song on the album is the title track. It combines lavish layers of orchestra with intense drumming and, of all instruments, saxophone, which contrasts with the rest of the tune in a really interesting way. “Suite After the Furies” is another strong one, a song that makes really intense and unique use of chaotic piano work.

Fans of epic, orchestral goodness will all surely appreciate this record, as it ties in elements of metal, electronic music, jazz, symphony, and more to create one cohesive album dedicated to exorcising emotion. The record was released digitally on November16 and will be available on CD December 16 and on vinyl January 16.

Purchase the album here. 


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