Stephen Pearcy
(Frontiers Music)

Stephen Pearcy’s solo work may not stray too far from the likes of his main gig in Ratt, and his fourth solo effort is definitely no exception. A few minor surprises aside (“Want Too Much” and “Rain” aren’t bad at all), most of Smash is overly generic, right down to the album cover itself. I really don’t see too many folks going out of their way to get their hands on the latest Stephen Pearcy album, nor can I find much reason for the album itself other than Pearcy attempting to still remain relevant and/or kill time until things finally get going again with Ratt. Hopefully the rumors of him rejoining forces with them (sans drummer Bobby Blotzer, who foolishly burned his bridges by touring with all new members while still using the Ratt name) do actually take place, and the world can get more of what Pearcy’s truly best at, instead of this.

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