Sterile Jets
No Gods No Loss
(Spark Joy Music)

Sterile Jets are a noise rock band based out of Long Beach, California. Their new album, No Gods No Loss, is set to be released May 4 via Spark Joy Music. This will be the band’s third album, following their 2014 release Liquor Store. They describe their sound as the “unruly Black Flag bastard” of Sonic Youth and Velvet Undergound. Their sound draws from a variety of influences, and the most notable genres are noise rock, sludge metal and post punk. It’s actually difficult to pin them down as one genre, which isn’t the worst thing in the world.

No Gods No Loss is best described as a grungy, crunchy, distorted sound experience. The lead guttural vocals are usually drowned out by distorted guitars, and the songs sound as though they were recorded in a garage. They have a raw, unrefined edge to them, which is the perfect aesthetic for noise rock – and they aren’t joking around when they call themselves “noise rock.” Elements of heavy metal and punk are peppered throughout the album, making it unpredictable.

“Fireside Drive,” which is a single off the album, is easily one of the best tracks. The song touches on the topic of romantic longing. “The sound of her voice // leaves me no choice // my mind goes boom.” The song has a music video consisting of clips stitched together to craft a story, and it fits quite perfectly. Another solid track is the next one, which is “White Satan.” It’s less noise rock and more sludge metal. Though the lyrics can barely be discerned from the instruments, listeners will be banging their heads along. Some other noteworthy tracks on this album are “The Arsonist,” Go Out And Bleed,” and “A Sterile Existence.”

Overall, No Gods No Loss is an enjoyable listen. There are some solid tracks worth remembering, and there are a couple that are only so so. There isn’t really anything about the album to complain about, but at the same time, there isn’t anything particularly remarkable about it either. However, long time listeners should enjoy the dirtier sound which separates it from its predecessors. The rawness of the songs makes this a step up from their previous releases which were too refined for noise rock. Fans can only hope that a band they enjoy improves with each release, and Sterile Jets have certainly done so.

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