Storm The Sky
Sin Will Find You
(UNFD / Rise Records)

It’s hard to categorize Storm The Sky, and that’s part of their charm. When listening to Sin Will Find You, it’s not so simple to guess what will be coming next. At times, the record is hard hitting and energetic; other times, it’s hauntingly calm and atmospheric. The level of engagement this brings is a bit of a surprise, especially if you have no previous experience with Storm The Sky. The album doesn’t have the typical progression of most rock records, and even with its natural flow, it doesn’t really seem to have a beginning, middle, or end. Sin could be played on a loop and just go in and out of itself with ease. Both vocally and instrumentally, this is an impressive record that has the ability to really immerse the listener in another world outside of their own. Tracks “Medicine”, “Wake Up Sleeping”, and “In Vein” are especially satisfying, but the record as a whole is practically golden. Sin Will Find You is one of those unexpected releases that comes without much word, and then steals your breath away.

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