Having left Sumerian in favor of UNFD, Stray from the Path return to 2019 with the anthem, “Thinking like everyone else is not really thinking.” The line makes for a great opening to Internal Atomics, another frantic, spitfire of a record.

Composed of ten tracks, the collection is just as quick and fierce as ever. “Ring Leader” sets the pace: “Are you out of your goddamn mind?!”—while “Kickback” gets that ball rolling with “It’s not your fault / It’s just who you are’ / BULLSHIT.” From there, the album continues its momentum of poignant one-liners and metallic breakdowns. Though there aren’t any failures in the bunch, “Second Death” and “Something in the Water” feature some of the most memorable and defining moments of the record. “Holding Cells for the Living Hell” also kicks things into high gear, while “Double Down” brings the most brutal and destructive sequences of Internal Atomics.

Always punishing and socially conscious, Stray from the Path have put together another hard-hitting and powerful collection. It could have been better with more variety, but the album still delivers what we’ve come to expect from the band. Stray from the Path have made it this long for a reason; they’ve got something to say, and they aim to say it loudly. Mission accomplished.

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