Suit of Lights
Break Open the Head
(Visiting Hours Records)

Floating untethered in the overly vague genre of “indie rock,” is the brilliant Suit of Lights. Founded by musician (Fiendz) and visual artist Joe Darone, with an ever-evolving cast of backing musicians, Suit of Lights manages to somehow take inspiration from apparently everyone from Queen and ELO to The Shins and Elvis Costello, while still remaining starkly original for a hook-laden, theatrical-heavy sound that is impossible to ignore.

The current lineup features Darone on vocals and keyboard, Corey Colmey on drums, Chris Connors on guitar and Billy Carrion on bass.

On Break Open the Head, the bands fourth full length, Darone and friends have turned in their strongest LP yet, brimming with catchy, sing-alongs, marching band drums and punk rock guitar. From the driving album opener, the self-titled track, to the two-minute piano instrumental that closes the record (“The Beginning is Near”), there is not a weak track here. Suit of Lights manages to be experimental and wildly creative over 10 tracks, while at the same time remaining accessible and never slipping into self-indulgence (if you think that’s easy, just check out every other prog rock band).

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