2016’s 13 Voices was a very triumphant return for Sum 41, putting their name back on the map after years of silence and disappointment. After three years of touring those songs, frontman Deryck Whibley returned to his home studio and wrote Order in Decline over the course of three tireless weeks. The album essentially takes all the best angles of 13 Voices and sharpens them, the result being something glorious. Raw, expansive, and fueled by the deepest emotions Whibley’s ever revealed, Order in Decline is made of gold. “Turning Away” cranks the dial from a slow build to an eventual mayhem-escue anthem; “Out for Blood” cuts through the shit and pumps adrenaline with ease; “The People Vs…” rewinds time as close to All Killer No Filler as we will probably ever get; and “Catching Fire” closes the record with a beautiful ballad about the people Whibley has lost over time. Order in Decline not only shares several good messages, it’s also a worthy rock contender for album of the year. It just goes to show that slumps can be overcome; Sum 41 made that clear with 13 Voices, and now they’re just plain rubbing it in our faces.

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